[--NEW--] I'll call this, the ULTRA sign: An Ultradurable, ultralight, ultracheap, and ultracool trail sign that's easy to make.

Just when I think I'm done coming up with ideas for durable trail signs, my brain evolves. Eureka! In this post, I show you how to quickly make several engraved aluminum signs with a beer can and a nail.

Overnight KST backpack from Wahiawa Hills to Castle junction—kind'a.

I originally intended to hike right over the Koolau mountain--from Wahiawa (Wahiawa Hills and Paomoho) to Hau'ula (via Papali Uka)--over the Statehood holiday weekend.

Which island is that on the horizon?

"It's Lanai". No. I think it's Molokai. "It's too flat for Molokai." Huh...

Well no more wondering, because I made some nifty Google Earth captures to solve the problem...and you might be surprised at the answer!

How, and why, to make a rope log. And evaluating the safety of ropes on trails.

I am amazed that no one has done this before—record the installation of ropes on trails.

We've all been there: you get to a steep section, or steep drop on a trail, and conveniently, someone's put up a rope to help you.

The perils of mango season!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on trail tape, trail markers, and how to stay "found" without putting