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15 May 2015: added pic of Inreach sattelite messenger.

17 May 2015: moved photos around and added new rescue story for Aiea Ridge

18 May 2015: added old rescue stories for KST, Aiea, and Pu'u Manana.

23 May 2015: Edited the blog description on main page.

1 June 2015: added old rescue stories for KST-Laie-Pupukea, and Haiku Stairs

4 June 2015: added new resources to "links" page.

12 June 2015: Added a blog on the "links" page, and rearranged posts on home page.

16 June 2015: Testing a link

19 June 2015: Added rescue video for Maakua gulch.

27 June 2015: Added new dead hiker for Olomana

28 june 2015: Added a link and additional text to the "New Hiker" post.

3 July 2015: Added new missing hiker on Schofield trail, and old stories of Makaha deaths.

10 July 2015: Reordered posts on home page

20 July 2015: Reordered posts on the main page

30 July 2015: Added more text on double taping, to the "trail marker" post.

1 August 2015: Added some links

15 August 2015: Updated the post about satellite messengers to include new ACR unit.

22 August 2015: Added more weather links

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